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Panache of Tradition


Among the various fashion trends this season, long skirts flaunted with a top or shirt are the perfect combination to attain that ethnic flair.

A trend that has been around for many seasons, but has never failed to attract women’s attention. This kind of skirt is a great option for both casual and formal wear, depending on your event. If you are planning a dinner, a dance party, or simply spending time with friends and family- then this blog will help you select the perfect outfit!

Long skirts have their way back, and this is a comeback that is here to stay for quite a few runways. 

Skirts made season styles easy, breezy, and super chic. They’ve made dressing up for any season elegant and feminine. 

Now you must be thinking, what kind of tops to wear with long skirts for a much-desired look? 

The combination of long skirts with tops suits pretty much any body type, as long as you have the right tops to wear with long skirts!

Let’s get this list and show you how to style an ethnic flared long skirt in different ways.

Boho Chic

Long boho skirts are of a full length that ends at your ankles, giving an effortlessly stylish and modish look. One of our best-selling Orange & Black Flared Maxi Skirt is an essential piece you need to add to a versatile wardrobe. You can pair these kinds of skirts with a super comfy linen top or spaghetti tank top for a casual day out.

Contemporary Fusion

Do you dream of wearing a beautiful Kurti or a top/shirt to match your skirt? No need to wait for a special occasion to get one. Wearing an ethnic-styled skirt will be more than enough for you to match one of these two options.

The flowy skirts and accessories will always catch everyone’s attention first because they help us establish a trend as well as create a style statement.

Long skirts are a perfect way to define your silhouette. They offer a plethora of opportunities to express your personality and form part of an outfit that will ensure that you look refined, sophisticated, and beautiful.

Feminine Allure

Long skirts are perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing you can have in your closet. They can be worn as a chic and glamorous look with contrasting or coordinating accessories, or they can be casual and informal with some bold prints and dashing accessories. The most important thing when selecting one is that you make it comfortable, so you can wear it day in and day out.

The Desi Diva

A perfect way to look ravishing and stylish during summer is by wearing a long skirt. After being ignored all season long, the skirt has come back into vogue and women are wearing them with confidence!

Long skirts are so famed all over the world. Layered or long maxi skirts, these beauties make you look more beautiful than ever before. Be it an outing with friends or attending a wedding with family and relatives, you can never go wrong if you're in high spirits. You can find any kind of skirt a long to a maxi one here! What once was ordinary to most has now become exceptional for the sophisticated woman who knows what she wants and is confident about her decisions.

Whether you are in the mood to make a bold statement at a wedding, you are preparing for a relaxing trip to the beach or you want to create an enchanting first impression at an interview, wearing long skirts can serve a multitude of purposes.

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