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Are You Desi Enough to Experiment with Ethnic Wear? Let's Find Out!


Do you like to pair jhumkas with your white kurti? Do you feel incomplete without a bindi? Regardless of the outfit, you cannot step out of the house without styling it with your oxidized jewellery. If all this defines you, surely you are a desi kudi. 

And, when you are desi from the heart, let's help you to look no less than Sushmita Sen of Mai Hoon Na.

Blue And Sea Green Bandhej Foil Printed Kurta

Starting with accessorizing,

  1. Accessorize to Perfection:

Accessories play a vital role in elevating your ethnic wear is no exception. Here are some creative ways to accessorize your kurta set:

  1. a) Statement Jewellery:

Adorn your neck with a chunky silver necklace or a regal Kundan set, according to the kurta you are wearing. If you are a working professional, either go with a silver necklace or an oxidized design. To complete your formal outfit, pair it with a watch and you are good to go.

Don't forget to add some jingling bangles or intricate bracelets to your wrists. These eye-catching pieces will effortlessly enhance your ensemble.

  1. b) Embellished Footwear:

Traditional ethnic wear for women when styled with a pair of embroidered juttis, your look becomes elegant. Alternatively, you can opt for bejewelled sandals or classic wedges to finish your ensemble.

Kolhapuri chappals

We are sure, most of the women must be having at least one pair of Kolhapuri chappals. Thanks to their versatility and looks that make them perfect for not just ethnic outfits but Western wear too.

From casual kurtas to embellished kurtas, you can surely trust the comfort and appeal of Kolhapuris.


Juttis are merely adaptable. They look fantastic with sarees, kurtis, lehengas, and denim. There are so many variations of these gorgeous shoes, from bright juttis to ones with mirror work, that you should own at least one pair for daily usage.

Strappy flats

On days when you want more attention on your ethnic wear and less on the footwear style, strappy flats are the best. The minimal yet stylish silhouette makes it a must-have footwear.

They aid in making a statement for you and given their diversity, they may add flair to your ensemble. In addition, strappy flats are another option for your ethnic wardrobe if you're just sick of wearing kolhapuris and juttis. These are not a formal pair, but rather more casual ones.

Experiment with Layering:

To add depth and dimension to your outfit and make it visually appealing, team your ethnic kurta with a long jacket or embroidered waistcoat. This fusion exudes sophistication. Furthermore, adding a stylish waistbelt cinch the silhouette and creates a flattering shape.

Design Kurta With Palazzos & Dupatta

Enchanting Dupattas:

A dupatta is a versatile accessory that can completely transform your look. Opt for a contrasting colour or a complementing shade to drape over your shoulders or wear it as a scarf for a contemporary twist.

Varanga Women Muave Kurta With Trousers & Dupatta

Hair and makeup are essential too!

Just like footwear, hairstyle, and makeup can enhance the overall effect of your ethnic ensemble. A sleek low bun adorned with fresh flowers or hair accessories beautifies the traditional look. This traditional look is perfect for your friend's wedding and other wedding functions. Furthermore, smoky eyes, winged eyeliner, and a bold lip colour are enough to add drama to your look. 

Soft curls, minimal makeup and a nude lip shade give a natural look. Try it and create a lasting impression at your workplace. 

Well, any attire is incomplete without a lasting fragrance. So, when you are going all desi, why are you sticking to fragrances from international brands?

Switch to Attar, if

  • You want to feel confident

Attar aromas have such a profound impact on the brain and emotions that they have a significant impact on how you carry yourself. Simply select a smell that appeals to you and resonates with your inner emotional self. It suffices to put on your favourite, most comfortable scent to make you feel confident.

  • You are craving a lasting impression

There is no doubt that most attars last longer than perfume as these are concentrated and don’t contain alcohol. Furthermore, synthetic perfumes lose their smell shortly is that they have a lot of alcohol which gets scattered very easily.

Speaking about a typical attar long lastingness, on the body, it can stay for 8 to 16 hours. However, it can stay in place on clothing for two to three days.


Remember that not all attars should be applied to clothing. Oils with dark pigments, like saffron, may leave stains on the cloth. 


Confidence is the king:

Regardless of how great you are at styling or flawless is your attire, if you are not confident in what you are wearing, you can never get the spotlight you have been craving for. 

Ethnic wear is our heritage and definitely, a graceful range of clothing, so why not carry it with poise, elegance, and pride? 

Varanga Women Bandhani Embellished Indie Prints Kurta


If you are an Indian woman, it's good to be desi from the heart and should flaunt your ethnicity gracefully. Let your ethnic wear for women must be the reflection of your unique personality and symbol of your love for Indian traditions.    

                                             Happy styling!

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