Meet the Weather Ricemonsters

Ricetown Sky is a busy place full of funny Ricemonsters, it is the home of Ricestorm the impatient cloud, Ricebow the shy rainbow, Ricerain and many more. The Ricetown sky residents are also the weather Ricemonsters, they decide when it rains, shines or snows.

Lately the weather Ricemonsters have been causing quite a stir in Ricetown by creating some extreme weather changes, poor Ricemonsters are getting a bit frustrated! “I cannot take this anymore, I’ve had to use a shopping bag to cover my hair, how embarrassing!” exclaimed Mrs. Ricefluff earlier today as she was running for shelter…

We relish bringing our characters to life and sending them out into the world. We design each of our monsters complete with a personality and we know there’s a Ricemonster for everyone!

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